Spectra Sweater: Done! Tips and Tricks

Dear Kay, Triumph! A finished new sweater! Time for some tips ’n’ tricks—this is a knitting website, so buckle up! Here are things I noticed along the way, to help everybody thinking about making Cecelia Campochiaro’s Spectra Sweater. First thing: I love this sweater. I wove in the final ends and immediately put it on … Read more

Marlalong Check-In: Eye Candy Galore!

Hey there holiday prep-weary people who possibly are staying up too late just so they can get a few minutes to themselves to knit! It’s time for a pre-holiday check-in on the fabulous Marlalong, a knitalong starring projects from MDK Field Guide No. 19: Marls. As you can see in the gallery above, knitters have been … Read more

Knit Coat Pattern – Mama In A Stitch

This “Big Knit Coat Cardigan” pattern is super simple, features an oversized fit, and is so warm! It’s easy enough for new knitters, dare I say, even adventurous beginners. Read on to see how to knit this coat that doubles as a big cozy cardigan (and check out the buttons I added!). And I just … Read more