Marlalong Check-In: Eye Candy Galore!

Hey there holiday prep-weary people who possibly are staying up too late just so they can get a few minutes to themselves to knit! It’s time for a pre-holiday check-in on the fabulous Marlalong, a knitalong starring projects from MDK Field Guide No. 19: Marls. As you can see in the gallery above, knitters have been having a ball with Cecelia Campochiaro’s marled designs for this Field Guide. Join us, so you can marl by the fireside during the year-end rest and relaxation times we hope are waiting for you.

Ooh, Prizes!

Our roving eyeballs will be on the lookout for your projects as they appear, so be sure to post pix of your progress either on Instagram with the hashtag #MDKmarlalong or in the MDK Lounge.

Thanks to the generous folks at Knitter’s Pride (go ahead and follow them on Instagram!) we have a spectacular prize to offer—three, in fact! We will be awarding prizes randomly, so don’t feel like this is the Iowa State Fair and you have to be some kind of knitting freak of nature to win a prize.

Each of three winners will receive A Self Love Interchangeable Needles Gift Set by Knitter’s Pride

There’s still a month to go on the Marlalong, but we thought it would be festive to award the first of our Marlalong prizes before the end of 2021.

Our first random-drawing winner is Linda-Cristal, who’s been sporting her Striped Marl hat WIP and FO around town.

How to Join the Marlalong

It’s so easy: simply get yourself a copy of Field Guide No. 19: Marls right here, and pick out a project. You’re welcome to use your own yarns, but we can’t help but point out the juicy delights we have brought into the MDK Shop for you—all are Cecelia Campochiaro’s favorite yarns for marling.

There are five projects to choose from.

Striped Marl Hat. A quick intro to marling. Two colors of yarn here in Woolfolk Tynd, luxurious Ultimate Merino.

Marlogram Scarf/Cowl. Superfun to work two slow gradients in a knit-purl pattern, here in Freia Ombré Merino Lace. Who knows how yours will turn out? The crazier your colors, the more fun, we are discovering.

Swarf. A modern take on the venerable dickie, here in luxurious Woolfolk Tynd which is basically a hug in yarn form.

Spectra Sweater. A cool sideways construction, here in 5 colors of a wool yarn we love, Isager Tvinni.

Color Explosion Throw. The project that has gripped us and won’t let go. That’s our bundle of Rowan Felted Tweed below. (Save 10% off single-ball price with this bundle.) Or pick your own 11 colors right now from our Felted Tweed open stock. (Pick 3 balls of 3 colors, and 2 balls of 8 colors.) (If you’re building our own bundle, here’s a tip: through January 15, 2022, enter the coupon code TEMPERATURE to get 10 percent off Felted Tweed open stock.)


Time’s a-wasting! Start this very minute. WIPs and FOs also welcome. We’re going to keep the Marlalong going through the end of January, because we basically want to make every single project in Field Guide No. 19: Marls and hope you do too.

What project has caught your eye? Let us know!


Ann and Kay

Feast your eyes: Marlalong Gallery pics up top are by Joy, Karen, Stacy, Holly, Lois, Sandra, LongKat, Janie, Jan, Kendal711, Megan, Courtney, Stephanie, Ronnie, Kathy, Kirsten, and Jennifer.

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