Simple Bulky Mitten Knitting Pattern – Knitting

I prefer to wear gloves over mittens, but they do take a long time to knit because you need to use thin yarn so you have enough stitches to make the fingers.

The benefits to mittens include that they’re actually warmer than gloves (because all the fingers being in one space keeps them warmer) and they are quicker and easier to knit and can be worked in a variety of weights.

The Palmistry Bulky mittens from Stephanie Lotven are a great basic mitten pattern sized to fit everyone you know. They have a fun thumb gusset that mimics the lifeline in palm reading, thus the name of the pattern.

And if you don’t want to stitch up bulky mittens she has options for other yarn weights, too, all of which you can find on Ravelry.

[Photo: Stephanie Lotven.]

Looking for more knitting patterns for Mittens? Check these out on Etsy. 

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