Tom Daley Launches Knitting Store, Partnership with We Are Knitters – Knitting

Tom Daley has been busy since he dove into the hearts of knitters everywhere with his prodigious knitting and crocheting while competing at the Summer Olympics.

He recently launched the website By Tom Daley, which includes knit and crochet patterns and kits, yarn and other merchandise.

He also has a collaboration with We Are Knitters (whose yarn he has used for many of the projects featured on his Instagram account). This partnership includes two knitting patterns kits so far: a sweater with pleated sleeves and a classic vest.

On their website he notes that knitting has been great for stress relief since the pandemic started:

Knitting has become my happy place. It allows me to be calm, still and be extremely mindful. So I first got out the knitting needles in March 2020 and I haven’t looked back – and knitting’s now been with me for some of the bigger moments in my life and each piece really means something.

We’re so excited to see where knitting continues to take Tom and what comes from him using his platform to share the fiber arts with others.

[Photo via We Are Knitters.]

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