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In midwinter time, I want to dress in style for a healthy walk. Do you join in? Sew a poncho with free pattern. ‘Time to shine’ in festive style!

This pattern is easy to make and a guarantee for success!


Supplies for a poncho with free pattern:

  • How to calculate the fabric? Measure the fabric width (at least 140 cm). This is how long your fabric should be to become a square as basic shape. Take 12 cm extra for the neck (seams included).
  • Gold ribbon or tape, decoration, for the Christmas style.
  • Mettler Seralon sewing thread, Mettler Seralene overlockthread
  • Draw the rounded shape for the hands and the bottom corners with a plate.

poncho met gratis patroon

I used the BERNINA 710 sewing machine and the BERNINA L 460 overlock

Image of BERNINA 710.


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Image of BERNINA L 460.


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How to ‘Sew a poncho with free pattern’

Cut the 12 cm stripe of the fabric.

The rest of the fabric is a square, as long as the fabric width.

Fold the fabric in a double triangle and start to finish the handholes.

Measure 20 cm from the fold to the open side, as shown in the picture below. Place the plate to draw round edges. Cut the corner. Repeat this for the other hand.

poncho naaien


Take a bigger plate to draw the bottom side of the triangle. Cut the corner away.

Sew the allover seams along the outline of the rounded square. Fold the open edges over and stitch. If you chose to sew a poncho in fleece, you might have thick and bulky edges. Bulky overlock foot # 12 could be the solutions. It has an uneven bottom sole.

Image of Bulky overlock foot # 12.

Breiwolvoet 12c

Cut (at least) 2 parts of 60 cm of gold tape over the armholes and sew with a zigzag stitch.

Bernina Open borduurvoet 20D

I used metallic thread and had these settings:

Sew the opening for the hand in the side seams (about 3 cm, straight on the seam is enough). This will prevent the poncho from moving over your shoulders… 🙂


Finish the neckline of the poncho.

To cut an opening for the neck, mark the middle with a pin. Fold the poncho over in a triangle and cut 20 cm in the fold, 10 cm on both sides of the pin.

Cut the front deeper than the neck in a symmetric curve.

Measure the opening on a 1 cm distance from the cutted line: it should be 58 cm.

sew a poncho neckline

Cut the 12 cm stripe to a 60 cm distance (seam allowance included). Close with an overlock stitch.

Fold the stripe over and pin along the neckline.

finish neckline poncho tutorial pattern

Overlock the stripe to the neckline. Don’t forget to take away the pins in time! Overlock knives don’t like pins…


Finish the poncho:

Add with extra ribbons or Christmas ornaments, if desired.

sew a poncho with free pattern - tutorial sew a poncho

The poncho is finished. Easy to sew a poncho with free pattern!

Yes, let’s walk in style!

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