Knit to This: Glorious Kaffe Fassett, Part II

Dear Ann,

Don’t miss this: another chance to sit and knit with Kaffe Fassett.

Kaffe’s long and wildly productive life is too much for a single interview to hold. He’s a marvelous storyteller, an extraordinary artist and person. Sometimes I am struck anew with how lucky we are that early in his career, he turned his talents to knitting.

Andrea Doig of the Fruity Knitting podcast has done two interview sessions with Kaffe at his London home and studio. The second installment was released over the holidays. The topics covered are fascinating: Kaffe’s approach to creative constraints, the qualities he looks for in collaborators, spirituality, how he lives, and how his life has changed over time. His insights about color are bracing and inspiring. He talks about color as “a vitamin for our systems,” a healer, a force.

But wait there’s more! Kaffe’s partner Brandon Mably is our guide on a tour of their London home and its many treasures.

I’ve linked the interview up top. Enjoy! (The interview starts at the 58-minute mark on the video.)

You can find the first installment here.

Thanks so much to Fruity Knitting and its many supporters for letting us spend time with Kaffe.



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