Come Hang Out With Us Today

Dear everybody,

Today we Zoom!

We’re aiming for good fun this afternoon when we dial up designer/bon vivant Cecelia Campochiaro for a Zoom visit, as we launch our new sub-knitalong, the Swarfalong—which is part of the greater Marlalong, in which we are all making projects from Field Guide No. 19: Marls.

Got it? In other words, we’re all marling our tails off these days, and having a swell time at it, and we hope you’ve found some way to get your marls on.

What’s a Swarf, you ask? Why, it’s a cute little accessory with the turtleneck of a sweater and a couple of flappy bits front and back.

Some call this a dickie; we call it a necessary accessory now that winter has finally showed up.

Check out all the details about this lightning-quick, two-week Swarfalong right here.

And you can see the way Kay has jumped the gun on her Swarf, in her post yesterday.

Our Zoom with Cecelia begins at 5:00 pm Eastern time.

Join us via this Zoom link. It’s free! Bring your knitting! Cast on your Swarf with us!


Ann and Kay

PS We still have a few 5-skein Swarf bundles at a savings of 10% off the single-skein price. Have a look at those. And if you’re the type who wants to choose your own colors, we have 27 incredible shades of Woolfolk Tynd for you. It’s a solid-gold set of colors—any combination is going to be lush and lovely.

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