Swarf City, Here We Come: Pregame Edition

Dear Ann,

I’m a rule breaker, a dream maker, a love taker—don’t you mess around with me! (Apologies to Pat Benatar, who probably wasn’t talking about knitting.)  I seem to do things in my own time, and always a bit out of order.

In other words, I started my own Swarf before our Swarfalong, a two-week flash knitalong that kicks off tomorrow. The moment my yarn arrived, I just couldn’t wait.

Thanks to a December weekend that contained two 3-hour train rides, I made it nearly all the way to the part where you join up the front and back, shape the yoke, and make the neck. I’m in the home stretch.

What stopped me?  Two things:

  1. I needed to locate a second circular needle in the correct size, so I could knit the yoke and neck in the round on two circulars. I’m like a knitting Roomba: I go until I hit an obstacle. A missing needle has left more than one project sitting with the dust bunnies for a while.
  2. Falling into Cara Davis’s temperature blanket rabbit hole. Thank you, everybody who is free-falling with me!  Isn’t it fun? I’ll show you progress on my own temperature blankets soon. (Yes, there are two of them. I gotta be me.) And please stay tuned while we replenish our Felted Tweed shelves; you shopped them hard, and we appreciate it.

Here Be Swarf

This is knitting so fast, easy, and enjoyable that the only tip I’ve got is: enjoy the ride.

The yarn is Tynd by Woolfolk. My colors A, B, C, D, and E are one skein each of 12, 17, 19, 32 AND 33. check out our fast-moving swarf bundles, which do the color picking for you, at a savings.

Given the cold snap here, I am going to hurry up and finish this.

Once I locate that damn needle.



P.S. I have enough leftovers for a wee canine version that I will surely call Swoof.  Don’t @ me.

Hey beautiful party people! Join us for a Marlalong & Swarfalong Zoom Party with Cecelia Campochiaro tomorrow, January 14 at 5 p.m. Eastern. The event is free. You can RSVP here to receive an email reminder and the Zoom link in the morning. (We’ll also post the link in the homepage banner tomorrow.)

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