Double-Stranded Sock Knitting Pattern – Knitting

Socks can be intimidating for a lot of reasons, from not really grasping what’s going on with a heel turn to the slow progress of knitting with tiny yarn and needles.

These double stranded socks from Twin Stitches Design take care of one of those problems. you hold two strands of fingering weight yarn throughout and use size 5 needles, which is a lot bigger than your usual size 1 or 2 needles that socks are usually worked on.

This makes the socks that much faster to knit, and they’re also super squishy and warm. The contrasting heel and edging are a fun way to use up a little bit of another yarn you have on hand, or use even more of your scraps with a contrasting toe as well. Or work the whole thing in stripes!

The pattern has sizing for toddlers through extra large adults and is available on Ravelry.

[Photo: Twin Stitches Design.]

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