Marlogram + Color Explosion: 18/7 Knitting

Dear Kay,

You know our long-held belief that there is knitting for every mood?

During our holiday break, I hit a groove: a pair of projects that allowed me to knit all day and all night, without ever thinking “Oh, this is too complicated” or “Oh, this is too simple.”

I came to think of these projects as Morning Knitting and Evening Knitting. (Afternoons were reserved for whichever project had the most momentum. Yes, this means I was knitting 18 hours a day.) (Which was almost enough.)

Morning Knitting: Marlogram Scarf

The knitting for my fully caffeinated, fresh-as-a-daisy moment.

Straight needles. Size 4 (3.5 mm). I went with straight needles because I wanted to avoid schooching along the join of a circular needle. There’s something so clean about a straight needle. I think it’s a wash, honestly—I’m loving the quick scooching that comes with a straight needle, but I am so inured to knitting on circs that it has taken a minute to rediscover the best way to hold straights like these.

Stitch markers galore. I marked every 10-stitch repeat, and I won’t apologize for it! It has saved me a ton of mistakes so far—I quickly know when I’ve blown the sequence. I need all the help I can get!

I’m using Vertigo and Ice Queen, two Freia Ombré Merino Lace colors.

If you’re thinking about this project, I encourage you, as St. Kaffe of Fassett says, to put away your good taste. Pick the wildest combination possible. The fun here is the drama of each new color arriving as you work the sequence pattern. The more colors in the mix, the more drama. I now believe my choice of Ice Queen was a fail—I like it, sure, but it could be so fantastic with South Beach or Dahlia or Melon.

One other thought: Marlogram would be fun to work using another knit-purl sequence. I’ve been wearing my Corrugated Shawl from Field Guide No. 5: Sequences, and there are so many cool knit-purl sequences in there.

I don’t think this will be my last Marlogram. (The yarn in the Corrugated Shawl is Lana Plantae’s plant-dyed Rambouillet. Marigolds, sigh.)

Evening Knitting: Color Explosion Throw

When night falls, you want knitting that doesn’t ask much of you. Knitting Felted Tweed doubled on a size 9 (5.5 mm) needle is how you get a lot of knitting without much trouble.

I’m using the Color Explosion Throw bundle of Felted Tweed we cooked up, in the Cool colorway. (We’re out of this bundle at the moment, but the original Warm colorway is available.)

This basically knits itself. It just so fun, what can I say?

Right when I worry that things are getting too subtle, along comes Electric Green or Ultramarine to pep things up.

Signing off from Land o’ Marling . . . can’t stop won’t stop.



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