Sewing trousers “Candy” and “Cord” with free pattern (only in January)

Still so small and yet so big ! These trousers are so comfortable to wear because nothing tweaks and pinches. Today we want to sew a pair of cute trousers with you – the pattern “Candy” & “Cord” from our magazine “inspiration”:

A boy and a girl are shown, the boy is sitting on a bench and wears a blue sweater and brown cord trousers, the girl is leaning on the bench while smiling, wearing two pigtails, a white sweater with a reindeer motive and the pink

Every girl loves frills – how nice that this trend keeps coming back! Aren’t the pink “Candy” trousers stunning?

Picture of the Candy trousers in Pink, with a candy cane peaking out of its left pocket.

And the cool trousers “Cord” with the slanted trimming look so casual and comfy. 

 A picture of the top half from the

You can download the pattern for free until January 31, 2022. As always, you’ll have to be quick because each pattern is only available for free download in the month stated. You can find the link for the pattern below in the post. 

Missed the free download?

Are you too late, but you still really want to sew the waistcoat? You can buy the pattern in the “inspiration” online shop at the following link:

Sewing the trousers “Candy” and “Cord”

technical drawing of the two trousers, on top is the Candy trousers with frills, the Cord trousers are on the bottom

The pattern of the trousers are similar, but the frill elements and the slanted trimming give both trousers their own style. The trousers are available for the sizes 80-104.

You probably have your own design ideas for these cute patterns? Show us your trousers variations in the Community section of the blog or post them on Instagram (feel free to tag BERNINA and the “inspiration” magazine). We are excited to see your creative work.

A look into the magazine …

The pattern and sewing instructions for the “Candy” and “Cord” trousers appeared in the autumn issue 2020 of “inspiration”. You will find different styles and accessories for the season. Be it skirt, dress or trousers – practical and comfortable fashion, which is at the same time individual and special, is something we simply love to wear. Moreover, it may also be something sustainable! How about, for example, bringing old sweaters, jeans or fabric remnants to new life? You will be amazed what beautiful things can be created from them.


autumn/winter 2020 issue of

Issue 03/2020 is available as a single issue in the inspiration online shop at the following link:

You can buy the patterns online or have them conveniently delivered to your home.

Download the free sewing pattern for the “Candy” and “Cord” trousers (January only)

You can download the free sewing pattern for the “Candy” and “Cord” trousers at the following link:

The link takes you to the BERNINA website. The pattern is available for free download during the month of January once you register for the BERNINA inspiration newsletter. 

A boy and a girl are shown, the boy is standing and laughing, with his left hand near his mouth, his chin has spots from chocolate on it. He wears a blue sweater and brown cord trousers. In front of him stand a robot toy. The girl is sitting on a pink suitcase to the right of the boy, wearing two pigtails, a white sweater with a reindeer motive and the pink


Unzip the zip file containing the pattern

After downloading, you will have a zip file. In the extracted folder you will find:

  • Sewing instructions with information on materials, cutting out and sewing
  • A pattern in A4 format. You can print this out on your regular printer at home and stick the sheets together. Make sure you print out the pattern using the “original size” setting. Check the test square to make sure the pattern has been printed out in the correct size.

Please note that clicking the download button will automatically download the zip file to your computer. You will have to unzip it to access the PDF pattern. In Windows, you do this by right clicking on the file and clicking on the menu item “Extract all”. On a Mac, you can unzip zip files by double clicking the left mouse button.

Downloaded files are generally automatically put into the downloads folder, but this depends on the operating system, the device used and your local settings. If you download the file on your smartphone and cannot find the file or cannot unzip it, please try using a desktop computer.

Do you want to sew the trousers, but missed the download?

Would you like to sew the trousers, but January 2022 is already over? No problem! You can order the magazine as a single issue (including the printed pattern) from the shop and have it delivered to your home. Simply click on the following link:

We wish you lots of fun and success with your sewing!

Best wishes,

The picture shows a little boy and girl on a bench, the same picture as already was shown, but with a title saying

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