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Now look, don’t get me wrong: I love ten holiday days off. And when Ann and Kay are handing them out, I take them. I love having ten days to organize the basement and mulch the garden beds and trim the dog’s nails. I also love having ten days in which I do none of those things, but I’ll let you decide which scenario I prefer.

However, my position as Atlas Master (don’t tell anyone, but I promoted myself) means that ten days off makes me worry like crazy. Because while we might have ten days off, the internet does not and lemme tell you: you people like to use it. In other words, I do fret a little when orders are piling up and we’re not there for days and days to pack them.

And thanks to the monster of a year-end sale we had, pile up they did! When we rolled up the warehouse doors this past Monday, we had a mountain of orders to fill (and they’re still coming in!). As you might expect, we’re a top-flight, high-tech fulfillment center, and yes, we have a complicated formula that helps us determine how long it will take to knock out orders (I will do some corporate espionage for you. Here is the formula: x number of orders times number of probable hissy fits plus the Indian restaurant being closed minus forgetting to place a box order, then carry the one). We ran those numbers and the room-sized computer we use confirmed what we already suspected: we were in for it until, oh, roughly the next presidential election.

Complicating matters: Omicron. Sorry. I know we’re all tired of hearing about it. But we’ve returned to the COVID protocol system that’s kept us all safe and healthy: just one shipper in the warehouse at a time for a bit. And there’s some end-of-the-week weather complication to factor in as well. In Tennessee, that can mean either an ice storm or a tornado … sometimes both in 24 hours.

(See, what’s happening here is I am buttering you up, softening the landing and generally jackhammering off a giant slice of the Blarney stone, because we do have just a little bit of sad trombone news. It’s taking just a few to get that pile of orders taken care of.)

But we’re getting there, we promise! Your yarn will be in your hands as soon as we can get it in the box. And y’all, there’s a lot of yarn; you folks have all apparently exhausted your stashes completely over the holiday break and decided to restock them to maximum chiffarobe-busting levels all at once. But we love it! 

A Giveaway

Cheer us on to the summit! The prize: a skein of sublimely tweedy Camellia Fiber Company White Tweed Sock. Françoise Danoy of Aroha Knits has two one-skein wonderful designs we love for this yarn—here and here.

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