50+ Cute and Cozy Free Dog Bed Patterns

dog bed patterns

They are our most special friends…bottomless cups of cuteness all day long and all night too! We want only the best for our furry friends because there’s no one in the world who loves us quite like they do and the feeling is definitely mutual!

Sewing for your dog might be some of the most rewarding sewing you’ll ever do…because you just know that whatever you make for him is going to result in far more than just one future smile. Where our pets are involved, there’s just no end to the joy they bring and so the same goes for our doggy sewing efforts.  We’ve done some features on Sewing for Your Dog in the past but this time we wanted to focus solely on one of the things that makes your doggy the happiest and put together a large selection of free dog bed patterns.

Sewing for your Dog

Maybe you’ve purchased a doggy bed in a store, maybe you’ve crafted one before, either way…doggy beds take a lot of wear and undoubtedly need to be replaced every year or so. So let’s get together and enjoy this 50+ Free Dog Bed Patterns Roundup.  You’re bound to find just the right setup for your pampered poo-poo and with the freedom of making it yourself.  You can pick out a color that will match his perfect fur and eyes!  Happy Doggy Sewing!

50+ Dog Bed Patterns

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