Beginner Crochet Hat Pattern – For New Crocheteres

This Beginner Crochet Hat pattern is great for new crocheters.

You will need to use a couple of basic crochet stitches, as well as following step by step tutorials on seam and how to close the top of crochet beanie with a yarn needle.

The pattern uses worsted weight yarn, but you can swap that for any yarn following the instructions in the pattern.

Beginner crochet hat pattern on a woman with the side facing, faded background.

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How To Crochet The Beginner Crochet Hat

Beginner crochet hat pattern on a woman with the side facing, faded background.

Yarn For The Beginner Crochet Hat

To make this easy crochet hat pattern shown in the pictures a yarn with yarn weight size 4 was used. However if you follow the suggestions through the pattern, you can actually use any yarn and thickness to crochet this beginner crochet hat.

Pick the yarn and colors you love and try this beginner friendly crochet pattern.

Beginner crochet hat pattern on a woman with the front facing, faded background.

Free Crochet Hat Pattern

This crochet beanie pattern comes in only one size, however you can make this in any size needed.

To customize it, adjust the head circumference when you start the crochet hat by adding or reducing the number of chains you make. Measure against your head or any other beanie you may already own.

Then you can decide hat length, or how slouchy or high the easy crochet beanie should be, by adding or reducing the number of rows you crochet.

Essentially, by following these adjustments you can make this crochet hat as great gifts for the whole family.

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How Long Does It Take To Crochet That?

How long it takes to crochet something varies depending on your skill & how fast you crochet. But that isn’t a helpful answer is it?

Well, I’ve developed a yarn calculator to help you get the answer to this question.

It will help you calculate exactly how much time you’ll spend crocheting a project.

All you need to know is how much yarn you will use on the project in either meters, yards or skeins. Then crochet your test square & time it.

Calculate how long it takes to crochet that. 

Beginner crochet hat graphic linking to where to buy the pdf pattern.

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The Free Beginner Hat Crochet Pattern

The Crochet Hat For Beginners Pattern Summary

The beginner crochet hat is a great crochet pattern that uses only basic crochet stitches.

Work back and forth in rows and follow video tutorials on how to seam it and close the crochet hat in the end.

One crochet hat size, however adjustments for any size shown through the pattern.

Beginner crochet hat pattern on a woman with the side facing, faded background.

Skill Level

Materials Needed For The Beginner Crochet Beanie

How much yarn needed for the crochet hat: 

<1 skein / 185 m / 202 yds

Yarn characteristics:
  • 4 medium yarn.
  • 40 % wool, 40 % polyester, 20 % acrylic


Measured over single crochet in rows: 13 stitches per 10 cm / 4”.

Measured over alternating single crochet and double crochet in rows: 12 rows per 10 cm / 4”.

Learn more about gauge.

*If you follow the custom size prompts through the pattern, the gauge isn’t important.

Beginner crochet hat pattern on a woman with the side facing, faded background.

Crochet Pattern Notes

  • This crochet pattern is written in US terms (more details).
  • All measurements given are unblocked.
  • Note that measurements are given as exact as possible. But crochet tension & technique might give variations in the result, that changes from person to person.
  • Read pattern instructions carefully before beginning to make sure you understand everything. It might save you hours!
  • Make a gauge swatch that measure at least 10 x 10 cm / 4 x 4 inches using the stitch the gauge is given for. If your swatch matches the gauge, you’re good to go. If the gauge is wrong, you might need to change your hook. Go up in crochet hook size if your stitches are smaller & go down in crochet hook size if your stitches are bigger (more details).
  • Check yarn info if you want to find an alternative or test your yarn against the gauge (more details).
  • This pattern is written for 1 size, however size adjustments are suggested under the heading “Size & Measurements”.
  • At the end of each row, the stitch count is given in parenthesis.

Size and Measurements

Finished Rectangle Measurements

Width: 58 cm / 23 inches

Height: 22 cm / 8.5 inches

This is the specified size in the crochet pattern for an adult woman’s beanie. See adjustments below if you prefer to make your custom size.

Size Adjustments

  • This crochet hat pattern can essentially be made for any size. Start by measuring the chains against your or the recipients head and decide on the amount of chains accordingly.
  • Work the number of rows you want for the desired size. This is also where you can make the beanie more or less slouchy.
  • You can also choose to use a different mm hook size or yarn thickness. If so, start by measuring head circumference against the chains before you start.


ch = chain (s) (tutorial)

dc = double crochet

sc = single crochet (tutorial)

st = stitch (es)

Stitches Used In The Crochet Pattern

Techniques Used In The Crochet Pattern

Beginner Crochet Hat Instructions

Ch 76 st or the stitches needed to achieve the desired hat circumference.

Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across, turn (=76).

Row 2: Ch 2 (counts as 1st dc), dc in each st across, turn (=76).

Row 3: Ch 1 (counts as 1st sc), sc in each st across, turn (=76).

Row 4-25: Repeat row 2 and 3 every other row.

Or continue until you reach the desired hat height.

Fasten off and cut yarn, leaving a long yarn tail to close the beginner crochet hat.

Finishing And Assembly

Beginner crochet hat pattern on a woman with the side facing, faded background.

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