New JOANN Stitch Along Spring 2022

JOANN Stitch Along with The Crochet Crowd
JOANN Stitch Along with The Crochet Crowd

The new JOANN Spring Stitch Along is now being worked through. Honestly, it knocked my socks off! I gasped and I don’t say that lightly! WOW! 

I saw it and I turned my head on its side to look at the project and thought, can that actually be done that way? It literally checks my boxes off curiosity. CHECK CHECK CHECK and CHECK!

I have the working notes on how it was done but I haven’t taken a deep dive yet but this one is going to have many people saying “wha. wha… how did you do that?” 

Once this incredible design is released, I bet it’s going to capture the imaginations and people are going to say… What’s that pattern!?

Videos will be soon made for this as the clock counts down for later into spring. Once we have more details to share, I will do that! Don’t forget about me. I cannot wait to dive into this bad boy! It has me squealing in my chair here. It’s yummy!

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