Flash Knitalong: We’re Making Dickies

Dear everybody in search of some quick wacky fun,

Sometimes a project just grabs you by the ears and demands to be knitted, in quantity, by a lot of folks at the same time.

That project, you ask? Swarf, a beautiful quick design by Cecelia Campochiaro from Field Guide No. 19: Marls.

Early reports on Swarf are very strong, so we’re declaring a flash knitalong (even as we are deep into the comprehensive Marlalong for Cecelia’s marling projects). Come on! This is such a winner.


Here’s the situation.

Next Friday, January 14, Swarfalong begins. End date is January 28. All yarns are welcome, as always, and we’ll be sharing and caring over in the Marlalong conversation in the Lounge.

Brand-new Bundles

To encourage you to jump in, today we’re launching new Swarf bundles.

We’ve cooked up four brand-new bundles of Woolfolk Tynd, the yarn of our dreams, the merino that feels like cashmere. You’ll save 10% off the single-skein price when you order this five-skein set.

Colorway Elizabeth. Pale neutrals, as subtle as it gets. Elizabeth showed everybody this stunner in the MDK Lounge and we had to name this colorway for her. Thanks, Elizabeth!


Colorway Kay. Tasteful yet exciting. Coordinates with drapey, indigo-colored garments. Are these colors? Or moods?


Colorway Ann. A deep forest as rendered by five skeins of Tynd yarn. Mossy. Sylvan. To be worn while reading The Overstory or some poem about ferns.


Colorway Original. The one shown in Field Guide No. 19: Marls. Lush. Tantalizing. So 2022.


Included in these Swarf bundles is the magnificent enamel pin that pretty much says it all.

Winter is here. Time to bundle up. We hope you’ll come Swarfing with us.


Ann and Kay

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