HOW TO Crochet A Sweater Even Though You’re A Beginner

But I Can’t Read Crochet Pattern, So Sweater Crochet Patterns Aren’t For Me!

Well, once more I’d have to disagree with you. Because learning to read crochet patterns is such a valuable skill for any crocheter, so I’d definitely set of time to learn reading crochet patterns.

If you’re not familiar with reading crochet patterns, I’ve got a guide for you right here:

But you might believe that crochet patterns for sweaters are much more complex than for other patterns. My answer is “Yes” & “No”.

“Yes” goes for the most complex crochet sweaters, that you find within skill levels intermediate & advanced.

“No” goes for beginner friendly crochet sweaters, that you find within skill levels beginner & easy. Because they aren’t much different that patterns for simple dishcloths.

Finally all patterns is about the same thing – telling you exactly what to do to make what you see in the picture!

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