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Embroider a positive quote with cutwork tool. We all need more positivity!

It would make a nice present for anyone!

embroider quote cutwork Bernina

Supplies to embroider a positive quote with cutwork tool:

  • Non-fringing (synthetic) fabric I had 3 layes of this thin material (each 14 x16 cm). You could use felt or a trible layer of skai. Several kinds of material are suitable, but more than 3mm thick would probably be a problem.
  • Mettler Poly Sheen embroidery thread in a contrasting colour.
  • I used the embroidery machine BERNINA 700 with the BERNINA CutWork Tool
  • Download the free file in EXP: Sure you can! Oval hoop cutwork
  • Embroidery stabilizer: you could use a double sheet of newspaper, or stitch leftover patches of embroidery stabilizer together for this project.
Image of BERNINA 700.


The B 700 convinces with many new, innovative functions such as the pinpoint placement. Moreover, this embroidery machine comes with many embroidery patterns.

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Image of BERNINA CutWork Tool.

BERNINA CutWork Tool

Your imagination knows no limits. To achieve the desired results, you will need a BERNINA machine capable of embroidery and the CutWork tool, which you will insert in place of the needle.

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Start embroidering the positive quote.

The first embroidery object gives you 2 horizontal lines. They help you to position the fabric to the stabilizer.

Next 2 horizontal lines fix the fabric to the stabilizer.

Embroider the text with the contrasting colour embroidery thread.


Use the cutwork tool to cut out the quote.

Put the cutwork tool in the machine instead of the needle. Take Echo-quilting and CutWork foot # 44C to finish the project with the cutwork tool.

Image of Echo-quilting and CutWork foot # 44C.

Cutwork tool Bernina positive quote cutwork

The embroidery machine will show you which position to choose in the cutwork tool:

You can see that you start with cut 1.

When all holes are cut and the outline is finished, you can see the quote is ready to be taken away:

cutwork tool Bernina positive quote embroider quote

Take away the quote from the hoop and stabilizer:

Cutwork Bernina positive quote embroider positive quote

Take away all loose parts, you could use tweezers if necessary. Be careful with the sharp corners, not to tear away the text.

embroider positive quote Bernina cutwork

Look for a nice place to put it, so you can see it every day. You will always stay positively inspired. Or would it be a nice gift?

Feel free to share this project, it’s nice to share the blogpost as well. It helps to understand how to make this quote. Thanks!

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