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Dear Ann,

I’ll be quick, because I know you and Kerms are having quality and quantity time this week, but there are two table-banging bargains in our end-of-year sale that I don’t want to be overlooked in all the excitement. They are both Special To Me, and if people don’t snap them up while they’re on sale, I might end up taking home more than my share, as I have been known to do.

Kiki Mariko Rug Kit

I’ve made two Kiki Mariko Rugs at this point. One to warm the floor and cushion people’s feet (as Ashley demonstrates above), and one to accessorize a Terrier Assistant (Olive’s ramp to my bed, I mean her bed). For this year’s Holiday Shop, we stocked up on kits in the popular original colorways, and also added a warm, modern grellow colorway that Cristina had cooked up for her own home, whereupon we all fell in love with it.

The Kiki Mariko Rug is easy stranded colorwork, knitted in the round to make a big tube. It boasts the world’s easiest steek. It’s a 100% fearless steek, because you felt the piece in the washing machine before cutting it—unraveling is simply not possible in this situation. I rest my case. Bring this beautiful project into your life, you won’t be sorry.

And did I mention that the Kiki Mariko Rug Kit is on sale?

Revolution Tray

The reason we carry the Revolution Tray is simple. Late last summer, Ellen Schiller of Hey Blue Handmade in Maine made a prototype, I loved the prototype, and I found multiple uses for the prototype in my home. I wanted everyone to enjoy the tidy elegance of this shallow hold-all. Ellen Schiller sewed each one of these sculptural rope trays by hand, gray thread zig-zagging across coiled white rope. They are objects of lasting beauty and utility. They are useful in every room of the house, for purposes as diverse as holding towels in the bath or pomegranates and flowers in a centerpiece.

But the Revolution Tray’s highest and best use may be to hold and organize yarn for colorwork knitting. It’s helpful to be able to see all the colors at a glance—especially compared to my traditional method of fishing for them in the bottom of a bag—which may not be the best idea.

Did I mention that it’s on sale?

I hope you have ceased your habitual typing this week, and that you and Kermit are in your mutual happy place: listening to records, performing ungainly yet unself-conscious yoga stretches, and watching the birds through the window. Maybe a little Pilates? Benevolent Thoughts Hour?

Come to think of it, both the Kiki Mariko Rug and the Revolution Tray would be prime real estate for Kermit. Treat yourself!



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