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As 2021 fades into history and memory, with a new year almost here, renewal is on our minds. 

We’re so appreciative of everyone who subscribed to the MDK Field Guides this year. Your support has been a game-changer, enabling us to work on Field Guides far in advance and bring you the very best in design, photography, and knitwear. Putting together the Field Guides is a constant source of inspiration to us—we get to roll up our sleeves alongside designers whose work we’ve admired for ages, and present their latest and best ideas to you.

We recognize that advance purchase of a series is an act of trust in us, and that is a huge honor. It motivates us to keep doing our very best. The first Field Guide of 2022 will be number 20 in the series—unbelievable! 

It’s time to subscribe for 2022.

We have three beautiful new books in the works for you for next year. It’s killing us to keep the names of the next three designers under wraps—but we can tell you one thing: it’s going to be legendary.

It only takes a moment to subscribe—click right here.  

We hope this makes life a little simpler for you. Your Field Guides will just appear in your mailbox, as if by magic. Subscriber copies ship before the official launch date, so you’ll be the first on your block to see it. 

New this year!

For the first time ever, we are offering a super-special price, for a limited time, if you subscribe before year-end: $50 for all 3 Field Guides, including shipping. That’s a big savings over the regular price, and we’re thrilled to be able to do it.

But wait there’s more! When we ship each subscriber copy in 2022, we will email you a special discount code for that Field Guide. It’s our way of saying thank you—subscribers are the wind beneath MDK’s wings, and we want to show our appreciation in a knitterly way: with a good deal!

We’re cooking up other treats for subscribers, such as launch celebration Zooms—so stay tuned.

Includes both print and ebook edition.

Your subscription includes:

  • MDK Field Guide No. 20, March 2022 (It’s at the printer!)
  • MDK Field Guide No. 21, June  2022
  • MDK Field Guide No. 22, October 2022

You’ll receive the print edition plus a free digital download at—your unique download code is on the inside back cover. 

In addition—and this is the “sneak peek” part—with the mailing of each print Field Guide, you’ll get an instant download link for the ebook attached in your shipping confirmation email—instant access before launch date. It’s fun to be an early bird!

Shipping is included in the subscription price. Subscriptions are available in the United States only.

Thank you so much.

Subscribing now is an excellent way to support MDK’s free daily content, and all the writers, designers, photographers, editors, and the team who make MDK a vibrant destination for knitters. Our goal everyday is to bring joy to the lives of knitters, and we couldn’t do it without your steadfast support.

To subscribe to the Field Guides for 2022, click here. And if you’ve already subscribed, thank you so much! We have so much to look forward to. 


Ann and Kay

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