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Dear Kay,

Some of the things in the MDK Holiday Shop were a group effort—we would talk about an idea, and everybody contributed to making the idea come together.

In one case, however, the team totally indulged my fierce and overwhelming desire to offer a window bird feeder in this year’s Holiday Shop.

I’m not a fancy birdwatcher. I don’t even own binoculars. But after years of feeding the birds outside my window, I am certain that the act of feeding birds is a gift not to the birds but to the person feeding them.

It’s a connection. It’s a gift to me to walk outside, scoop sunflower seeds into the feeders, and know that in short order, I’ll have the extraordinary opportunity to see a parade of wrens, doves, finches, blue jays, towhees, titmice, robins, bluebirds, mockingbirds, chickadees, cardinals, and woodpeckers.

We have only a few of our simple bird feeders left in the Sale, so if they’re gone, don’t let that stop you from trying out this idea. It has the potential to change your life, truly.

These photos of a hungry hungry mockingbird come from Hannah Jones, whose MDK Window Bird Feeder is the talk of the town amongst the feathered set.

For all of you who know what I’m talking about, what’s the most surprising bird you’ve seen at your feeder?



PS You can find the whole stupendous Year-End Sale right here.

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