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Dear everybody,

Thank you for taking a moment to poke around the MDK Year-End Sale. We’ll keep the sale going through the new year, so be sure to circle back when you remember that thing you saw on MDK and suddenly can’t live without.

You’ll find the magnificent MDK Sale Page right here. It’s OK if you go have a look now and ditch the rest of this post. But come back, because we’re feeling sentimental.

Year-End Musings

If you’ve ever worked in a retail shop, you know what we mean when we say that we are eager for you to find something that you love and to order it up.

This time of year is when we find out how we did. It’s what shapes what we’re able to do in the coming year. It’s kind of a big deal. The MDK Shop, year round but especially in these last weeks, is what covers the budget for all our writers, designers, and the MDK team.

We’re lucky to work with good people all over the place.

Melanie Falick, greetings to you! The pride of the Hudson River Valley, she edits our Field Guides with skill and nuance.

West Coast, hey! Elysa Weitala and Alessandra Mortola, your photographs and styling make the Field Guides so distinctive.

Hello Winnipeg! Chris Young, you have printed so many Field Guides for us. You have also taught us about ice fishing and how to trash-talk hockey.

And we treasure our superb knitter friends Nell Ziroli, Chalkley Parker, and Susan Mitz, whose samples for the Field Guides are unfailingly beautiful.

We have a who’s who of contributors, and each one brings such wisdom, inspiration, and ideas. Hail to you all, from sea to shining sea.

St. Bryan Dunn of Gallatin, our fearless accountant, has earned an early ticket into Heaven. He squares it all, ties it up, and makes sense of a business with a jillion SKUs and two English majors at the helm.

And of course, we treasure our team here at Atlas Drive. When we started this enterprise in 2016, we couldn’t envision what a team of MDK folks would look like. Now, we can’t imagine MDK without these creative, utterly game people: Allison Volek Shelton, Ashley Balding, Chris Sharp, Cristina Shiffman, DG Strong, Hannah Jones, and Nathan Chapman.

Finally, what a year it has been with you, our readers. We have learned from you, laughed with you, and knitted an awful lot of things with you this year. Thank you for hanging with us through this year like no other.

As we look ahead to the new year, we see much to be excited about. The Field Guides are going to be special. We hope to see visitors here at Atlas Drive more often. And we will continue to give you something new on MDK every day of the year, no matter what.


Ann and Kay

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