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Today we give a big MDK welcome to Suzan Colón as she gives us her first piece for MDK. Hello, Suzan!

—Ann and Kay

My former roommate, a Wiccan high priestess (because that’s what happens when you live in New York City), recently told me she stopped reading tarot cards for people—a fairly lucrative side hustle. When I asked why, she said, “People keep asking me to tell them about their future. They don’t understand that what they do now, in the present, is what shapes the future.” She’s a very pragmatic priestess. 

Tarot’s past is somewhat mysterious. The cards may have originated in 15th-century Italy as a game, but since then, tarot’s pictorial archetypes have been used as a fun and fascinating way to gain insight and perspective. Whether you want a deeper look at today’s emotional weather or a long-range forecast, using tarot with imagery that resonates always makes a reading better. So when tarot combines with all things fiber in The Yarn Tarot, well …

Chocolate, meet peanut butter. 

The Yarn Tarot for Crocheters, Knitters, Spinners, and Weavers is a classic tarot deck. In this incarnation, though, the suit of Swords is visually represented by knitting needles, Wand cards show crochet hooks, Cups are spinning spindles, and Pentacles are woven pieces of cloth. Cute! And, thankfully, not kitschy. Made by people who love people who love crafting, the theme never feels overdone. 

Another change from better-known decks is the inclusivity of The Yarn Tarot. All members of the royal court in the Major Arcana, along with the regular folks in the Minor Arcana cards, appear in a wide variety of races, ethnicities, and gender choices. 

The Yarn Tarot illustrations are by Katie Ponder, a graphic artist whose interests include quilting (you can see the influence in her work here) and tarot. I’ve never been one for the more occult-y looking divination decks.

The Yarn Tarot is a perfect deck for all seasons, for beginners, longtime readers, and everyone in between, and especially for those of us who love a yarn-themed anything.

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